The Process

We know you want to breeze through the application,
but read this important information first!


Before applying, verify your eligibility at

Application Process

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  • All communication between us will be by e-mail. So keep an eye on that inbox!

    While we’re on the topic, you should know we occasionally send auto-emails to applicants – these emails are IMPORTANT as they’re often requesting documents or items regarding your application. You’ll have limited time to respond. That’s why it’s super important for you to add and to your safe sender list and check your e-mail and SPAM folder daily!

  • Captain Obvious here – don’t forget to click the submit button! Your application cannot be reviewed if you don’t submit it! You’ll receive an e-mail confirming your submission; if you don’t receive an e-mail immediately following your submission then your application wasn’t successfully submitted (or check your spam / junk folders). Once submitted, no further additions or changes can be made to your application.


Applications must be submitted and complete with all required documentation by 11:59 p.m. Central Time on March 2, 2021. Applications that aren’t submitted won’t be reviewed; and late applications won’t be accepted. Submitting an application doesn’t guarantee you a scholarship award.


You’ll be notified of our award decision via e-mail by May 31 IF you submit an application. Applicants with incomplete or unsubmitted applications won’t be notified.

Important: We may e-mail you if we have questions about your application and you’ll have limited time to respond. Be sure to check your e-mail daily.

Award Acceptance and Payment of Scholarships

If awarded, you’re required to complete an Award Acceptance package before we mail your scholarship to your school. The award notification e-mail in May will have more information.

Technical Issues

If you’re having technical issues, contact us before the deadline by clicking the green help button in the bottom right hand corner. Issues brought to our attention after March 2, 2021 will not be addressed. We’re not responsible for hardware malfunctions, lost Internet connections, or conditions that prevent you from submitting your application on time.


Check out our super helpful FAQ or click the green help button in the bottom right hand corner!